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Re-Connect, Re-Charge & Re-Discover the Power of You!

Our mission as human beings is to wake up from the illusion that everything outside will bring us what we want to feel, think and experience inside, and in our own life.

Living in that illusion, IS what brings us pain.

Our inner state of being affects our perception of the outside world.
It affects how we perceive, think and feel about what we see, hear and experience.
It’s not a coincidence.

If you want peace, happiness, love and freedom in your life. It’s no secret.
You will have to start from within. Your freedom is in your hands, and nobody else’s.

My passion is to help you become the greatest leader in your life faster and with ease. To get the self-confidence, inner peace, clarity and results you want.

Experience changes with ease by following the simple directions

Invest in Yourself. You are Your Greatest Asset.

Invest in yourself. Get access to proven and transformational self-development tools and exercises that will transform your life at a deeper level which will have a domino effect on all areas in your life and your results. Tools and exercises based upon Positive Psychology, mindfulness, experience and wisdom.

Re-connect, Re-Charge and Re-Discover yourself

You have it all. You are more than good enough as you are. You have the power to turn every challenge into opportunity, fear into confidence, and to learn to love yourself as the beautiful person you are, no matter what. Lead others by leading yourself first. It is all about having simple yet powerful tools to use in your daily life and practicing it.

Meet Kristine Overby

The Life Strategist

Kristine is absolutely passionate and dedicated to mindset work and self-development. Sharing this and helping other people reach their own freedom, goals and successes, is her mission. To see the results and experience this personal growth each day in her clients, as well within herself, keeps her shining and thriving even more.

The International Speaker

Kristine loves to inspire and see the sparkle in people’s eyes. Inspiration starts a process, a deeper understanding of the process will elevate it, and a real experience of it on a mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually level will make the real personal changes and growth. She combines mindfulness, positive psychology, meditation and her own experience in her speeches.

The Author

Kristine is one of 6 other co-authors who are all highly successful female entrepreneurs from 6 different countries and 4 decades, who have written the international and inspirational book “From Fed Up To Fabulous”.
Their vision with this book is to inspire and unite women world wide through their stories of overcoming challenges, hardships and resistance.


  • After guidance from Kristine Overby, I think differently than I did few months ago and it has eased my everyday life as a CEO. My life is easier, I have more energy, I am more positive, I have more focus and I am not afraid for a challenge. I am no longer afraid that things can go wrong. The trust and self-confidence is the result of working with these tools. They affect you both privately and professionally in a positive way. Thanks Kristine!

    Lena Østby Owner/CEO
  • Kristine is strict yet open, humble and understanding. She asks the right questions and because of that, I have become more honest with myself in a new way. It is fantastic to have a Coach who dares to ask the hard and difficult questions. After only 6 Coaching Sessions, I am more confident and more honest with myself than ever before. I have also become a better leader, as I don’t “stick my head in the sand” anymore, but stand up for myself and also for my employees. It is a process that have started and will last for a long time, as I can see that I am constantly developing as a human being.

    Line Mette Brekke Owner and CEO for Hageland, Aurskog
  • A safe, fun, educational and moving experience! Kristine is a very talented supervisor/leader in harsh processes, where you meet yourself for better or worse. I recommend this course to “you” as an individual and / or business leader

    Tone Brenden Director
  • Already after our first conversation, I quickly noticed that our conversations led to more self-confidence and clarity in my life. Within a month, I started to notice positive changes in my relationships both privately and professionally. Our weekly conversations have given me better self-confidence and insights. Kristine has taught me to see how easy it is to make decisions that previously had frightened me. Situations and events I had previously feared and avoided felt no longer daunting. I feel that my life is easier and that I constantly make choices that previously seemed impossible. Kristine has a warm heart and an amazing ability to create trust and confidence. She gives a lot of herself and truly care about other people. I am incredible grateful and happy that I signed up for this!

    Øyvind Skar Entrepreneur
  • I still brag about Kristine's program she held for me a few years ago. It changed me for the better, it extremely improved my experiences for what and who others are and who I am in relation to them. I recommend everyone to take this program and learn this powerful yet liberating method. Kristine is warmhearted and an amazing talented person. Working with her gave me a new understanding of how the mind controls us and how I can change this to improve my life. I use these methods every single day. Ever since doing her program my life has become a lot easier, more optimistic and saves me all the negative drama, so I can spend my precious time on things that pleases me, empowers me and ultimately lifts me up. Thank you Kristine for changing my life!

    Berit Hagbartsen Entrepreneur
  • Kristine Overby has the unique skill and ability to teach you, very simply, how to permanently re-wire your mind into a positive and optimistic way of thinking, and how to cope with negative thoughts and ideas. The amazing thing is, if you simply follow her step-by-step procedure, it will work even without you having to understand how it literally works. If you want to change your inner world for the better, if you want to become the leader in your life and in your business, this is the program for you.

    Azlan Adnan Property Investor & Landlord
  • "My 8 week mental training with Kristine has been incredible in several ways. She has put me back on track, given me good advises / guidance on several levels. I cannot say other than, a conversation and confession with Kristine gives you more than what you could ever imagine about what your own future and the beauty around you can bring. Listen to her."

    Roy K. Sales Consultant / Marketing
  • Kristine is an incredibly wonderful teacher and well prepared. We discussed many topics  in depth with a new mindset. It has helped me a lot to turn thought patterns, to approach an opinion from several angles and how to experience people and situations in a different ways. Kristine is always engaged in the people around her and the well-being of anyone attending her course is of great importance to her. I learned that to get to know the power of thought, can get you out of everyday "disasters". I recommend everyone to take courses with Kristine!

    Wenche Stenerud Teacher
  • Kristine Overby has a passion in what she is doing. She has a wide psychological knowledge and know how to transmit it to other people (in a good way). I saw people around me who were happy and intrigued by what she says and do. She finds happiness in her work, she really believes what she teaches. Don’t ask me to convince you, go to her and convince yourself.

    Wojciech Hanusek Entrepreneur
  • "Kristine is for me, an important resource in managing and dealing with my own thoughts and feelings. She has a professional and personal appearance that makes it reasonable to entrust to her with the thoughts that constantly feel like an obstacle. Kristine gives a lot of herself. It is with enthusiasm and sincerity she creates order in a head full of thoughts that have been lost somewhere along the way. With the help of various techniques she has taught me to not face another day in fear. She has taught me to dare to experience each day as it is, to be the best version of myself, to be open and to welcome challenges. I finally found confidence and peace within myself".

    Astrid F. Welfare Worker and Entrepreneur
  • Prior to our interacting I think it`s not an exerggeration to say I hit rock bottom and forgot about the tool box I had and how to use it. Kristine have kept me grounded and always called a spade for a spade. I was unsettled, had more fears, doubts and the typical underlying belief that making mistakes was a bad thing and I forgot that things work out as they need to be. I have learnt having a personal coach does not mean a smoother sea but rather a more skillful sailor on rough seas. Till date I face many challenges, but I know I am enough, my confidence is up and with each day I learn more and more to become my strength. As we stand today I am undergoing a career transition and to be honest, the tools I have gained from Kristine are the headlights for each 100 meters and I have learnt to take one day at a time one step at a time and to be patient. I`m not sure how it works ,but somehow everything worked out and in between all the awesome madness I have had the opportunity to travel and I have learnt to enjoy life a bit more. Learning to trust the process sure isn`t easy but I promise you that when you learn it, you will live with ease and peace. Be it students, business women and men or parents, I believe you should take the opportunity to experience Kristine as your personal coach, and don’t take my word for it, just give it a shot, you don’t have much to lose but everything to gain that no money in the world can provide!

    Kalpita, South-Africa Student
  • I approached Life strategist Kristine because I felt a bit lost in figuring out what I wanted to do with my life, both personal and business wise. Kristine helped me figuring out how I wanted to do things, and not being afraid of following my own life path and the fact of not being afraid of what everybody else thinks of my decisions. The result was that I now have made a decision that I am very excited about and I don’t have that bad stomach feeling. I found the experience exciting, tough, and life changing. Two things I liked was learning easy mind-blowing meditations and the fact that I’m proud of being me as well as proud of my decisions. I recommend Life Strategist Kristine to you who need some guidance in life, your business, business ideas and especially for you who need a personal coach that has 110% focus and interest in helping you to be you!

    Siv Balslev Entrepreneur



Lead Others by Leading Yourself First