• Leadership
  • Self-development
  • Re-Connect, Re-Charge & Re-discover the Power of You
  • Unfold limiting beliefs and become free.  
  • Positive Psychology, Science, Mindfulness, Meditation 
  • Experience, Wisdom and Inspiration

Exclusive Top 1-1 Coaching Program

Kristine can be your Personal Coach, where you together will go really deep within self-development and create really extraordinary long-lasting changes and results.

  • 8 Coaching Sessions – at least over 8 weeks
  • Skype, Facetime, email
  • You are a Priority Client
  • Customized Coaching – what you want to focus upon.

Coaching Areas: Leadership/Workplace | Personal relationships.

These tools have Domino Effect, so we only need to start with and focus on one of them, as it will reflect itself in other areas. This is to keep it simple, specific and realistic.

  • You get Special Priority Client offers on retreats, other events or programs.

Send in your application here, and get your free meeting with Kristine, to connect.

Ps. It is important that both of you feel it’s the right connection and chemistry before the next step. If you are a great match, you will together share a journey none of you will forget after this session. If you’re not a good match, she may have other suggestions for you.

Top 1-1 Exclusive Retreats

Where you can find Honesty, Transparency & Serenity.
Where you can feel safe.

Norway and around the World.

These retreats are for you who are serious about making changes in your daily life, who are willing to dig deep within yourself. For you, who like to discover, feel, taste, smell and experience another country and culture. For you who have an open mind, who are willing to do the self-work in order to unleash and make changes.
At the end of the day it is all about the results.

It is an intensive 1-1 retreat, where we will spend 5-7 days together from morning to evening.

These retreats are a mix of coaching on a mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually level, and days to explore, feel, taste and experience the magical place and culture.

For more information about retreats, send an email to retreat@kristineoverby.com

Honeymoon Riad Farnatchi Marrakech

Previous Top 1-1 Retreats

February 2017

The Red Magical City – Marrakech, Morocco

April 2017

Where the Atlantic Ocean meets Mediterranean sea – Tangier, North Morocco.

Exclusive Group Retreats

10 participants only per retreat to maintain quality. 

“Your journey back to Your Inner Self”

Back to the essence of who you are,
before someone told you to be different.
Before you believed you needed to be different.

Back to the essence of being you,
being alive, curious, loving and explore life with an open mind.

Back to the essence of being you,
no matter what that is or not.
Just loving what is and being grateful for what is, like a child and the child in you.

Back to the essence of you,
without layers of limiting beliefs and emotions which has built itself up through all these years, that makes you die a little inside, slowly and surely.

Your journey back to Your Inner Self,
mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Where you’ll find your uniqueness, gifts, strengths, self-confidence, love & gratitude for life and for being you.

Exclusive Group Retreats 2017

June 23-25th 2017
Eidsverket, Norway

September 08-10th 2017
Eidsverket, Norway


Starts: Friday 08th of September at 18.00
Ends: Sunday 10th at 16.00.

Accommodation:     2 nights
Meals:     Breakfast, lunch & dinner.
Drinks:    Coffe, tea & water all day

Course fee: 5500,00 NOK (Norwegian kroners)